School Wellness


Grow Healthy with FCHS school wellness programs are available for any Somerset County school.  Contact us about these opportunities:


Special 2017 Project:  Project provided materials to 3 schools to promote garden-enhanced nutrition education.  Lafayette School in Bound Brook,  Albrook School in Basking Ridge and Irene E. K  Elementary School in Green Brook will plant an edible container garden, teach students lessons, infuse activity into their day and host a parent workshop on healthy eating. 

From Our Farms (Pre-K to K):  Children learn where food comes from, how eating it benefits health and see and taste the food.  Lessons focus on a vegetable, fruit or dairy food and include a story, photos of the food growing or being made and hands-on preparation of a recipe.  Foods have included corn, lima beans, apples, blueberries, & bananas.

Classroom Food & Nutrition Lessons:  Topics:  MyPlate, parts of a plant, garden pizza and others.  Lessons include active learning and may include food tasting, if desired.

Teacher & Staff Training Specific to Grades Served:   Topics include:  how to infuse nutrition lessons into the curriculum, building fitness breaks into the day  and starting  or strengthening a school wellness committee.  Learn about available resources for the classroom.

Parent Program:  Request a free 45 minute program on family meals and healthy eating for school families. 


Phone: 908-526-6295, press 2




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