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The Agriculture and Natural Resources Department within RCE of Somerset County brings the scientific knowledge and resources of Rutgers University and the nationwide land-grant university system to bear on solving problems for agriculture and natural resources management. Our goal is to bring about positive changes for all residents, identify new and emerging opportunities and promote the safe use of our natural resources.

The Agriculture & Natural Resources Department has three strategic priority areas:  

Growing the Garden State:

Programming and outreach efforts related to the economic sustainability of the broadly defined commercial agricultural industry. 

Horticulture for the Health of It:

Programming and outreach efforts related to the commercial and consumer horticultural industry, and the needs of residential clientele, land management professionals or decision makers, etc.

  • For healthy individuals: Home Horticulture, The Rutgers Master Gardener Program, Horticulture Therapy
  • For healthy communities: Community and Urban Gardening, Rain Gardens, Home Pest Control
  • For a healthy environment: Home and school IPM, Water quality, Invasive species

Conserving and Sustaining Our Natural Resource:

Programming and outreach efforts related to the environmental sustainability of resources under agriculture, land and forestry management, invasive species, etc.

Upcoming Workshops & Seminars:

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