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Promoting Healthy Families, Schools and Communities

[FCHS Logo]FCHS (Family and Community Health Sciences) combines research and practical advice to help people eat better, be active and stay healthy. FCHS has programs and resources for everyone...adults, children, schools, community groups and worksites. The Get Moving - Get Healthy New Jersey (GMGH) initiative, encourages healthy eating and physical activity, and reducing obesity.

FCHS...Promoting Healthy Families

Families are at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that a healthful diet and being active will reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. FCHS has publications and conducts programs on topics such as: feeding young children, family meals, Functional Foods for Life, food allergies and food safety.

FCHS...Promoting Healthy Schools

FCHS provides staff training, classroom lessons, advice on wellness policies, improving food service, creating school gardens and education for parents. FCHS's school wellness initiatives include:

  • Get Moving - Get Healthy NJ — lessons and activities, assemblies, and exhibits
  • From Our Farms — lessons for young children about vegetables, fruit and dairy products and their link to farms.
  • Grow Healthy — school wellness.
  • Being Safe with Food Allergies
  • Food safety and hand washing promotion

FCHS...Promoting Healthy Communities

FCHS provides continuing education for professionals, such as dietitians and teachers. FCHS staff also participate on community committees and initiatives.

FCHS workplace wellness programs and publications promote healthy behaviors for employees that may result in reduced sick time and health care costs.


What's Happening in Somerset County FCHS?

  • May 4: 87th Annual Living Well Day (122k PDF) Topics include Strength and Balance for Life with Dr. Paula Czapla PT, DPT, Go Go Gadgets- Kitchen Tools for Fast Meals & Snacks, Taste The Food Trends, and Terrarium Magic.
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  • Speakers Available:
    For community organizations, businesses and schools related to focus areas. Generally scheduled several weeks in advance. Current hot topics: Family Meals, Functional Foods for Life (- berries, chocolate, coffee, mushrooms, tea, or vegetables and fruits), Helping Kids Eat Well, and School Wellness.
  • School Wellness - School staff training, parent education and youth programs focusing on healthy eating and physical activity to improve the health.
  • Somerset County Visions Newsletter with current news and events. Latest State Visions Newsletter with articles related to healthful living. Sign up to be on the mailing list. (We do not give others your name or information.)
  • Local FCHS Volunteer Opportunities: Could you give us a few hours? The rewards are learning, friendships, satisfaction, and fun. Call 908-526-6295 or email to volunteer.

What's Happening on the State Level in FCHS?

The State Family and Community Health Sciences web site has in-depth information and resources for individuals, families and professionals. Features:

  • Food & Activity Ideas, including recipes
  • Food safety updates and tips
  • Lists of available workshops and educational displays
  • Publications
Get Moving - Get Healthy New Jersey

Key Initiative

Get Moving - Get Healthy New Jersey - encourages a healthy lifestyle, especially healthy eating and physical activity, through educational programs, a website, publications and targeted marketing campaigns.

Telephone: 908-526-6295